General tips on data protection/Change of data protection rules


neuro millionaire gives your privacy as a user of our service the highes priority and we respect the rules and regulations of the law in handling your data. This is especially true for the handling of your personal data.

How we protect your personal data and your personal privacy

We respect the trust of our customers. Because of this we handle all the data, we get from you, with highest accuracy.

How we use your data

For the use of our site, it's not necessary to give us your personal data.

In special cases we need your name and your email adress, so that we can provide you our service, e.g. when you order signals or contact us. Where its necessary we will tell you. Anyway we store and handle only those data which you provide to us freely or automatically.

neuro millionaire don't saves any data, when you visit this site.

Data transfer to third parties

neuro millionaire don't transfers any data to third parties.


Cookies are a kind of electronical business card. neuro millionaire don't saves any cookies.

For customers of neuro millionaire we save the following data: name, adress, email adress, payment duration. This data are necessary for handling our services.

Although, when you contact us, we receive data about you. We save this information to deliver you better services. For example, the data you give us are the order history.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions to our data protection standards, please email

If its necessary to change our data protection rules, then we publish these on this site.