Risk disclaimer

Trading with forex, futures, options, CFDs and stocks is not only a chance, but there is also a risk of loosing money. Only persons and institutions should trade, for which can bear the loss of money. High winning rates come together with high risk. There is even the danger of loosing the complete trading capital. You should use only money, which you don't need for daily life. Trading history isn't an indication for future trading. The same is valid for future performance.

Our strategies and other publications are only informations and no offer, advertisement or request for buying or selling of any share. Especially speculations in the forex exchange market should be done only from experienced traders. If you wish an advice or an investment suggestion, then go to your bank.

There are some more uncalculatable risks like having no internet connection, error in email delivery and software problems.

With the use of our website or one of our other services you accept, that we are not liable as a principal, even when we create our services with the highest accuracy. If you use the information on this website or one of our other services for trading by your own, then you bear the responsibility by yourself.